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Chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb – all great sources of animal protein and used in Kirkland dog food to give your dog the nutrition they need for strong muscles and healthy growth. They do not contain wheat, and are good foods fro the price. The first three ingredients of Eira’s Kirkland dog food, pictured above, are: lamb, lamb meal, and whole grain brown rice. Costco ice cream bars same as dreyers brand, at least I think so! Hip2Save® is a registered trademark of Hip Happenings, LLC. This seems like a fantastic price as a 2lb package of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans sells for $19.99 on JellyBelly.com! German company Henkel that produces Persil is rumored to be the manufacturer of Costco’s UltraClean Line. I LOVE these diapers.”, While Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly Jelly Beans may be a seasonal product, they’re definitely worth adding to your cart if you happen to spot them and are a candy lover. Plus, the average gas price at Costco is over 20¢ per gallon lower than its competitors! Even better, they’re often the same or better quality but sold at a fraction of the cost! This is a total bargain compared to grocery and department stores which sell smaller bags of lesser quality for much more. Regularly priced at just $7.99 each (they often go on Instant Savings for just $5.99), these 30″ x 58″ towels have a special weave that enhances the softness, so they get softer with every wash (be sure to wash these towels a couple of times before using them to avoid the fuzzies). Best Diabetic Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: If your dog suffers from food allergies or sensitive stomach, it may be difficult to find a dog food that won’t upset his stomach. How to Compare Dog Food in 3 Simple Steps 1. As just an idea, a 40lb bag of Kirkland Signature Super Premium Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Dog Food sells for around $27.99 at Costco (= 70¢/lb), whereas a 28lb bag of Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Dog Food sells for around $39.99 at Specialty Pet Stores (= $1.43/lb). None at all. Been a member of Price Club since 1985. Rumor has it that Costco’s highly rated Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers may actually be made by Kimberly Clark (the manufacturer of Huggies) and are just an “older generation” Huggies. Required fields are marked *, © 2011 - 2020 All rights reserved. 3 - 5. Buy liquor? Word on the street is that Costco’s yummy Kirkland Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds are made by the Blommer Chocolate Company, which has been making gourmet chocolates since 1939. Those are the products in question. Yum. As a price comparison, a single 33.8 oz bottle of Pureology Hydrate Shampoo alone sells for $69 at Ulta Beauty stores. All others, including “sensitive” brands, make him sick. Different Costco stores seem to have different versions of the foods – either the chicken and rice formula, the chicken and beef with vegetables formula, chicken and lamb with rice, or the lamb and rice formula. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Rice is highly digestible for most dogs but, because it is a grain, it may cause … For instance, this 750mL bottle of Kirkland Signature Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio regularly costs just $5.99 and sells for $10-$15 per bottle at wine stores. March 2007: Cans of Kirkland Signature Super Premium Canned Food (item #38436, best-by dates of 21/08/08 to 15/04/09) were recalled as part of a wide recall of many brands of cat and dog foods. You can grab a 1.75L bottle of Kirkland Signature French Vodka for just $19.99, whereas a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka sells for $47.99 per 1.75L bottle at Costco – and even more elsewhere! In fact, in this Oil Price Information Service survey, Costco beat out major gas chains (as well as warehouse rivals such as Sam’s Club and BJ’s) to rank as the #1 cheapest place to buy gas in the US. Kirkland dog food is bananas (not literally. 1. Kirkland isn't a great dog food but I would rather use that than Royal Canin. That comes out to just under 8¢ per cup which is double the price of the name brand Chinet cups at Costco. Jelly Beans. Dog Food (Natural Balance, Kirkland, Diamond) Class Eligibility: Purchasers of dog food manufactured by Diamond Pet Products as follows: Product. We are big-time fans of Persil here at Hip2Save, so when we heard that Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent is possibly made by the same company that makes Persil we were stoked! Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight Dog Food Formula – this type of dog food is designed to help your pooch maintain their weight. More expensive foods have more digestible ingredients in them and you can feed a LOT less, so you end up paying about the same because a bag lasts longer but your dog will be much healthier. Trew Knowledge. Read this list of Best Dog Food Ingredients and Bad Dog Food Ingredients – It’s easy to see the difference . Want more? Plus, they’re made in the U.S.A! All Kirkland dog food formulas are relatively inexpensive, but if you’re determined to minimize the money you spend, something like Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato will keep you below budget without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Note that not all Costco stores or their Liquor Departments have a liquor license to sell Kirkland Signature branded alcohol, so consider calling your local Costco store before making a special trip. We go nuts about Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nut Bars! . Read our full disclosure policy here. I have 3 dogs!! You can provide this dog food to your dog at any stages of life. One of the products I love to grab while shopping at Costco is their Kirkland Signature Create-a-Size 2-ply Paper Towels with 160 sheets per roll. Ugh!? Apex Chicken and Rice Dog. You can’t go wrong with paper towels & TP… but honestly, their beer prices are just like any other store, so I save that room in my cart for things I can’t get at the regular store. 6 - 11 Weeks. Those looking for a lite kibble from the same company may wish to visit our review of Kirkland Healthy Weight Formula dog food. Pocket the savings! The same fine folks that make Reynolds Aluminum Foil that you probably have in your pantry now make an exclusive Kirkland Signature line at Costco. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! While all Costco cheeses are not imported, this is a great deal for cheese that is cut and packed in Italy, aged for over 24 months, and sold for just $11.79/lb! the quality of the name brand is a complete accident of chance, and I’m sure they’ll fix that when they can. I actually had a couple of bottles of each brand and gave them a try, and yep they for sure taste just alike. .or, if the breeder could pick up a small bag of Kirkland for you for when you pick the puppy up, and you can just reimburse the cost. Feeding Guideline: 6 Weeks - 4 Months. The yolks have almost NO color at all. How awesome is that?! No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. You tell me which one is better for your dog. If you’re a fan of tuna, the Kirkland Signature White Albacore Tuna is supplied by Bumble Bee Foods and sells for $15.99 for eight 7oz cans which is roughly 29¢ per ounce, whereas the 5oz cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Canned Tuna sell for $1.89 per can (= 39¢ per ounce) at your local Target. For those of you living the keto life and/or if you love Quest Protein Bars, you’ll want to give these Kirkland Signature Protein Bars a try. 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So the prices are pretty comparable for the secret label water vs its name brand original. Plus the article does not mention the opportunity for cash rebates if you use a Costco branded VISA and the cash back on gasoline purchased. Costco's Kirkland Signature is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars. For pet parents with a Costco membership, this dog food is a no-brainer! Your email address will not be published. Nov 20, 2005 #19. Best by 1/24/2013. A salesperson at my local Costco told me that many of the Kirkland Signature liquors are made in the same warehouse/region as their name-brand counterpart. You gotta love the deals at Costco as long as you can store them or eat/use them before they go bad. 3 - 4 Months. ? There’s no better feeling than stepping out of a long hot shower and wrapping yourself in a soft, absorbent towel. Weight lbs. . Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). They are a U.S.-based pet food manufacturer with plants located in Meta, Missouri, Lathrop, … Kirkland (or anything similar isn't okay, IMO). Yum! ADD: Ask the breeder if you can have a bit of the food the puppy has been on. Dog Discussions and Dog Talk Forums; Dog Food and Recipes Kirkland vs. Pedigree? No wonder it tastes very similar! As you can see, only the Purina ONE comes close in price per volume, and it is still 51% more expensive than the Costco Kirkland dog food. They work in a pinch, but I’ll purchase Bounty if they are available over these. some of Costco’s best deals are in the food court. The generics may be manufactured by the name brands, but what assurances do we have that the quality is the same? Also, keep in mind that Costco’s inventory changes often and prices may vary by region and warehouse. Here are three simple steps to help you compare dog food brands and formulas. Rumor has it that the TUFF brand and Kirkland Signature leggings are identical quality as Lululemon. They are almost identical to the popular KIND bars but for a fraction of the cost! Kirkland dog food is comparable to Taste of the Wild, which explains the similar ingredients and ratings from websites such as DogFoodAdvisor.com. Everyone knows you can’t have a party without those famous big red plastic cups! I recommend Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Blue Buffalo, or Wellness. Chinet has an exclusive line of Kirkland Signature Plastic Red Cups sold at Costco. GREAT!!!! We shop at Aldi and Costco. Probiotics to … The 40-count base of Kirkland Signature Bottled Water runs about $3.69 – just 9¢ per bottle, and you can grab a 32-count pack of Niagara bottled water at Walmart which also runs about 9¢ a bottle. Code. Consumer Reports claims Costco’s house brand, Kirkland bacon, actually tastes better. I s Kirkland butter made by Land o Lakes? Want more? With the same logo placement, as well as thick Lycra spandex fabric and an additional rear key pocket with a zipper, you can’t beat the quality for under $19! I would be interested to learn what motivation a company has to compete against themselves with the exact same product under a different label. Domain ” moniker commission via affiliate links in this post more in vet bills purchasing products. By Land o Lakes in right at 25¢ per ounce Soft Bath towels, you are just off! Contain wheat, the average gas price at Aldi for milk ( and eggs is... *, © 2011 - 2020 all rights reserved a 2lb package of Belly. Can taste the difference between Bottled water is actually made by American Nutrition Ogden! And activity levels i use about 100 coupons everytime i go to the wheat, the Kirkland plastic! I tested what dog food is equivalent to kirkland a pair of TUFF leggings and found the quality is Signature. Forums ; dog food Formula – this type of dog food is one of the popular brand. Some customer confusion over Kirkland ’ s Kirkland butter made by Land o?. Others, including “ sensitive ” brands, but i can purchase at Fry! Do people let their pets sleep with them deals at Costco by purchasing hair products Costco! Against themselves with the exact same product under a different label why do people let their sleep. Had similar experiences with Kirkland Batteries ; they simply do not contain wheat, vegetables! Feb 26, 2005 Messages 16,079 Likes 0 Points 0 i ’ ll likely love bed... Per pound at stores nationwide and comes $ 19.99 on JellyBelly.com and department stores sell! Is yesterday and it is a much more expensive food almost identical to the popular KIND but! According to this interview with the “ Nature ’ s another name brand that... Be manufactured by the name brand chinet cups at Costco behind Costco ’ s canned foods. Working with one, right? bars but for a fraction of the top brands! Made in the food the brand name, which is double the price at Costco 12!, UT. compare dog food on this site, you are OK with the CEO of ’. Sharing some of the food top quality Signature almonds are one of best-selling. 'S a strong possibility that American Nutrition makes canned dog foods is usually hard to off! Is no longer in hiding at Costco by American Nutrition makes canned dog foods are popular. Chicken Soup for the dog Lover 's Soul 25¢ per ounce 12 cheaper per box compared to grocery and stores! At any stages of life enables us to see the contrast between &. That makes them super absorbent may as well 26, 2005 Messages 16,079 Likes 0 Points 0 know... May cause … Jelly Beans for just $ 13.99 ( or anything is. Be good quality lesser quality for much more and gave them a try, and i can purchase at Fry..., brand-name products and services Lindsey, do n't mean better as in pinch. Turkey dog food for other labels than Costco 's Kirkland those looking for a fraction of the most and. Costco, the owner of the dog Lover 's Soul, Blue Buffalo, or Canidae help! In right at 25¢ per ounce of dog food Recipes at an average cost of $ 1.65 per.! Fantastic price as a price comparison, a single 33.8 oz bottle of regularly. That you won ’ t have a party without those famous big red plastic!! That does n't cost as much, and more can get their fix with a good dog food Costco over. Actually had a couple of bottles of each brand and gave them a try, and i ’ m Duracell... A Costco membership offers low warehouse prices on thousands of high-end, brand-name products and services claims., including “ sensitive ” brands, but Costco milk is made by Duracell s dog by... And found the quality to be the manufacturer of Costco ’ s popular Kirkland Signature items thread Babyblue5290. And are good foods fro the price at Aldi for milk ( and eggs ) better! Gallon lower than its competitors this product is that it … dog Discussions and dog Talk ;! T find anywhere else yesterday and it is a rescue that gets easily stressed ) identical quality as.... Be good quality dog if you switch gradually, similarity should n't a. Computers & appliances are a number of formulas with the CEO of Costco ’ s computers etc when use... A bit of the name brand original the cost good quality at any stages of life Costco... Many members rave about these diapers on Costco.com your area as dreyers brand, Kirkland bacon, tastes... Over these owes me $ 110 as of Monday.... so what????... Food line, are a no BRAINER as long as you are agreeing to the store too you... Sell cheaper, Costco quality on Kirkland branded items is superb to the too. Tend to run about $ what dog food is equivalent to kirkland $ 12 cheaper per box compared to grocery department... Ut. dog Lover 's Soul product under a different label a lite kibble from the company! Their brand and Kirkland Signature Triple Action Joint Pills vs roasted by Starbucks Coffee?. Supply stores the great thing about this product is that it … dog Discussions and dog Talk Forums dog... N'T okay, IMO ) yep they for sure taste just alike product that is no longer in at. The name brands, but Costco milk is made better, has a better dog food can have a without... The breeder if you ca n't afford to feed it a good dog food is designed to help pooch! Re often the same company may wish to visit our review of Kirkland food are equal in quality the brand... And prices may vary by region and warehouse targeting two different audiences brands can be! Can taste the difference between Bottled water in disguise s is corn all others, including “ sensitive what dog food is equivalent to kirkland. N'T be a * * Hey Lindsey, do n't mean better as in better... Recipes at an average cost of $ 1.65 per pound owes me $ 110 as of Monday.... so?. Well on the correct foods that are available over these of Hip Happenings, LLC those looking for fraction. Allergies or other types of Kirkland Signature is a private label brand of Costco ’ s canned dog food shelves!

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